Ross and Kentfield Real Estate

The famous towns of Ross and Kentfield were initially part of the big Spanish Rancho called Punta De Quentin. When the rancho began it had San Quentin on the eastern side and was on the south of San Rafael. This land holding housed what today is Greenbrae, Ross, Kentfield and a big part of San Anselmo. Marin is one of the smallest towns in Kentfield and it still is incorporated. There are houses here of different ages and varied sizes. Many places in the town date back to the 1920s, and some to earlier time also when Kentfield creek was mainly a resort area and a favoured destination of the rich San Franciscans. The city also has many famous public and private schools.

There are larger estates in Ross which have a beautiful view of the forested hillside of Mt. Tam. Besides this the access to Phoenix Lake is also easy from here. The lake is one of the many lakes which make up for Marin’s supply of water along with the entrée to many hiking trails. The Ross Valley extends to about ten to fifteen miles and includes other Marin towns. The towns have houses on the hillsides with a picturesque view of the rolling hills. This is a beautiful part of the Marin County and a marvellous place to live in.